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  1. Looks like Bloomberg is back to buy Virginia by flooding leftists candidates with funding. We HAVE to combat that with getting candidates the resources to compete in what should be a red state... read this, it is scary. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20210927/bloomberg-whips-out-checkbook-for-another-virginia-election-cycle
  2. This is also what happens when we don't pay attention to who is running for school boards. Here is info that we all need to start getting smart on... how to actually run for office (seems so basic but of course there is a lengthy process): https://www.elections.virginia.gov/candidatepac-info/becoming-a-candidate/
  3. Anyone know anyone who can volunteer to make calls or knock on doors? There is still time: https://www.youngkinforgovernor.com/volunteer
  4. At this stage, if anyone isn't getting others to go to the polls to vote something is wrong... how much more do we need to know what a McAuilife reign would look like for our kids, businesses, law enforcement, etc. The time is NOW.
  5. @Allen we need to get our school boards back. Why don't we target Loudon County or Fairfax County in the upcoming cycles? If we could find a candidate, get real money behind them, we could catch the leftist candidates asleep at the wheel.
  6. It is THE topic right now.... if there aren't elections that we think are "fair", even if they are fair, we can't sustain peace in our culture. My concern is even if we did investigate what happened, much of it will depend on who is investigating. By the way, anyone here anything on the Durham Report. 😛
  7. This topic on schools and CRT got by far the biggest cheers of the night at a Mike Pompeo event I attended. Even Liberals know it is terrible to poison our children with this ideology. Will harm families for generations if we don’t fight back now.
  8. Anyone know their Executive Director? Lauren Daugherty Executive Director Lauren started her career climbing the ranks at the Leadership Institute and FreedomWorks, then becoming interim Executive Director and Director of Development at the national Libertarian Party, where she built their fundraising and operations capabilities. Recently, Lauren served as publisher and CEO of Texas CEO Magazine, where she worked with executives from across Texas to help grow their businesses and master the chief executive role. She also owns a small business, Evergreen Wrapping. Now she serves as YAL’s Executive Director fighting for liberty!
  9. Looks like W Bush is trying to help Cheney. Establishment RINOs will have funding. We need to cut some checks: https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/09/22/george-w-bush-to-fundraise-for-liz-cheney-as-trump-and-gop-rivals-target-her-seat-.html
  10. Young Americans For Liberty (YAL) is worth taking a look at and sharing with our high school and college friends and family. https://yaliberty.org
  11. With an activist media machine at work to shape narratives and block freedom of speech I wanted to start sharing what sites/podcasts/shows we are all watching. Make sure your independent and moderate friends and family know that there are other sources of information to tap into. Here is one list of news site: https://www.libertynation.com/top-conservative-news-sites/
  12. Another Nevada race that matters.... Adam Paul Laxalt (U.S. Senate, Nevada) Adamlaxalt.com Twitter: @AdamLaxalt
  13. Just look what is happening to one of best cities in America.... the left's policies are destroying everything, even in Texas.
  14. More info to share on Critical Race Theory.... could be the most important fight we have nationally and locally:
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