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Recalling Loudoun County school board members


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A grassroots organization is leading the movement to remove School Board members Denise Corbo (At-Large) and Ian Serotkin (Blue Ridge)from the Loudoun County school board.  Fight for Schools is the organization leading the charge.  The have the required petitions for the loudoun school committee members above and are seeking more signatures to pursue removal of Atoosa Reaser (Algonkian) and chair Brenda Sheridan (Sterling). 

Action: Visit Fight for school website above and donate and sign petitions for further accountability for School Board members. 


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Great cause.... in the meantime, show up at the School Board Meetings in October to show them that we are paying attention and we won't bend to their leftist agenda.  


  • Public comment will be accepted by the School Board in three ways during this meeting, including comments delivered in-person at the Administration Building, comments provided remotely and written comments. Members of the public eligible to address the School Board have changed and include:

    1. Residents of Loudoun County (including incorporated towns within);
    2. Owners of businesses located in whole or part in Loudoun County; 
    3. LCPS students; 
    4. Parents and guardians of LCPS students that live outside of Loudoun County; and
    5. LCPS employees;

    Those wishing to speak to the School Board must provide proof in the form of ID.  Details about identification and signing up to comment for each method are noted below. 

October 12, 2021

2nd Tuesday School Board Meeting 

October 26, 2021

4th Tuesday School Board Meeting


For more info: https://www.lcps.org/Page/223425


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