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COVID school rules ignore the facts

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School committees and school boards are making decisions that impact your children's education, and physical and mental health.  They say they are making them based on science, but they seem to be ignoring some critical facts. So here are some to factor into your thinking: In 2020 tragically 499 0-18 year olds succumbed to COVID out of 74 million Americans in that age group. To put that in perspective that same year 2,564 children were murdered, over 3,500 0-24 year olds died due to opioid overdose. Adults are making uninformed decisions that have significant impacts on the health, education and development of our children. The argument that students transmit the virus to at risk teachers is also unfounded as teachers get vaccines and other therapeutics are proving effective.   

ACTION: Get COVID politics out of decisions that impact our children.  Bring facts to the table.  

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