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Protect 2nd Amendment in Virginia


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Ralph Northam instituted a number of gun rights restrictions and Terry McCauliffe's published gun control plan includes further restrictions on "assault weapons" and restrictions on   magazines with 10+ rounds. His plans also include further "red flag" laws and prohibition on open carry in additional locations.  Terry also wants to create another government bureaucracy called the office of gun violence prevention and include Academia into the mix through the creation of a "Center of Excellence" for violence prevention.  Reducing Virginian's ability to protect themselves and their families is not the answer.  Virginians deserve all of their Constitutional rights.  Attached are two groups that can help with protecting the right that SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.  

Challenges to our 2nd Amendment rights don't just exist in Virginia.  The Biden Administration has enacted a restriction on Russian manufactured ammunition that is none other than a restriction on the availability of low cost ammunition for law abiding citizens.  Help pursue a reversal of this restriction so that Americans can afford to exercise their 2nd amendment rights.   





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