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Critical Race Theory in Virginia Schools

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I think its interesting in a article about Critical Race Theory that I saw in a Fox 5 local news report on July 24th Linked here stated the following

Polling, however, indicates that a partisan divide holds firm across the country. Morning Consult released a poll last month showing that among registered voters, 39% of Democrats had never heard of critical race theory. 

Only 11% had a somewhat unfavorable or very unfavorable view of the subject while 32% had a very favorable or somewhat favorable view. By contrast, a much smaller percentage of Republicans expressed a favorable view of the theory while 48% had either a somewhat unfavorable (6%) or very unfavorable view (42%).

It is impossible for our citizens to be educated on topics when the media is so corrupt.  Polls reflect what people are told and educated on.  There are no media outlets that are not left or right.  Press should be stating just facts but they have all become partisan.  

Critical Race Theory has no place in our education system.  We need our young people to be color blind and judge their fellow citizens by their character not by any other means.

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1 hour ago, Libertygal said:

This will be the topic that (hopefully) turns voters in VA to Youngkin.

This topic on schools and CRT got by far the biggest cheers of the night at a Mike Pompeo event I attended. Even Liberals know it is terrible to poison our children with this ideology. Will harm families for generations if we don’t fight back now.

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