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Hillary Clinton Becomes President in 2022? Here I How It Will Happen

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Hillary Clinton becomes President in 2022 without being elected. Ridiculous you say? Well, consider this.

It is is fair to wonder whether all the talk around replacing Kamala Harris as Vice President with Hillary is actually being considered by the Democrats while they have the votes in Congress to confirm a new Vice President. Now you may say that it would be beneath Hillary to take the Vice President’s job. Ahh, but here’s what happens next. Later in 2022, but before the mid-term elections, President Biden is either removed by the Democrats via the 25th Amendment or he resigns citing his not willing to endure the rigors of being President.

There you have it. Vice President Hillary Clinton becomes President Hillary Clinton without having gone through the election process. President Clinton would then declare a permanent national emergency, cancel all future elections and declare the US Constitution null and void. Say hello to President-for-Life Hillary Clinton and God help those individuals who put forth dissenting positions.

You have to ponder folks. Has that been the Democrats’ plan since Hillary lost the 2016 election? If you analyze the events of the last 5 years, it kind of makes sense.

We’ll see what happens.



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